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Scholarship Consulting

My Scholarship Key is very excited to offer scholarship counseling services.  We have heard from so many of our clients who have asked us for help applying for outside scholarships.  There is close to 3 billion in outside scholarships and grants available to college students for both undergraduate and graduate studies. 


My Scholarship Key will create a customized scholarship list for each of our clients that are looking for help in this area.  We have developed a system that matches the students criteria against our scholarship database. This allows us to create a scholarship and grant list for our clients that will give them the best chance in receiving an award.  To much time is wasted applying for scholarships that our clients will most likely not be awarded.   These scholarships and grants are above and beyond what the colleges are offering their students and can help with the cost of tuition. This is definitely an area that most of our students can use guidance in navigating and a lot of our clients will designate at least a couple hours of consulting time towards this service.  


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