The Silver Key Scholarship Helper is a unique service that helps you find scholarships. This program will provide the student a list of scholarships to apply for within a four month period. My Scholarship Key knows that searching for scholarships is very tedious and overwhelming not to mention time consuming. You can spend hours of time looking for scholarships and come up empty handed. The My Scholarship Key system utilizes an integrated series of software tools which collect, assess and rank scholarship criteria and student data. Spend your time applying and not searching for scholarships . We will do the work for you all you need to do is apply. 

  •   Provides a customized list of hand-picked scholarships with dead lines that are due within a four month period.  This list is customized just for you and based on your application profile and criteria

  •   We will send you an application to complete and send back.  Once we receive the application back we will start working for you.  Our team is always on hand to help with any questions that you might have.

  •   Underutilized scholarships that have a low number of applicants and a better chance to be awarded. 

  •   All questions can be sent through our contact page or by calling 860-799-4225


Silver Key Scholarship Helper

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  • My Scholarship Key is providing a unique service to assist you in the scholarship process.  Our system utilizes an integrated series of software tools which collect, assess, and rank scholarship and student data. It is our policy to provide you with the best scholarships based on the information that you provide on your application. The application is very important so that we ask you to take your time and be as thorough as possible. Potential award value considers many factors to ensure the student's effort-to-award ratio is maximized.


    All customers private information is held confidential by our company collected by advertising our services and will only be used by My Scholarship Key, Inc. and never shared or sold.  We will also not share your information with any third party outside of our organization. Your personal information will only be used to help us provide our customers with the best services possible.


    We suggest that you provide as much information on your application as possible. This will allow us to create and customize a more accurate list of scholarships that was created with just you in mind. It is your responsibility to apply for the scholarships.  My Scholarship Key makes no guarantee that you will be awarded a scholarship but it is our company policy to provide you with a scholarship list that best fits your application.  My Scholarship Key knows the importance that scholarships have on the rising tuition costs which is why we provide this service to help save you hours of research and time.

  • My Scholarship Key will receive a notice that you have signed up for the Silver Key Scholarship Helper.  Once you are signed up a Key Information Form will be sent to you which will need to be completed, signed, scanned and returned to us so that we can start working for you.  Please take your time when filling out your form.  The criteria entered on this form will be used to match you up to scholarships.  After the form is completed and sent to us, the final step will be scheduling a 30-minute consultation zoom call. The purpose of this zoom call is to establish a meet and greet, review the student's form, and to talk with one of our student ambassadors.