My Scholarship Key offers a few key packages that are designed to help students succeed and to help navigate down the college path with ease.This is our Sapphire Consulting Package which offers 10 hours of consulting.  Every student and their families have different needs, this is why our packages are bundled and can be used towards any of the consulting services that we offer.


The following is a list of the consulting packages we offer:

1. High School Preparation Consulting

2. College Admission Consulting

3. College Advisory Consulting for the college years

4. College Transfer Consulting

5. Graduate School Consulting

6. Scholarship Consulting


You can find details regarding the consulting packages under the "Consulting Services" tab on the home page.  Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.  


My Scholarship Key looks forward to helping you succeed.

Sapphire 10 Hour Consulting Package

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  • Once a package is purchased My Scholarship Key will start working for you.  Each package has a set number of hours that can be used towards any one of our six consulting packages.  My Scholarship Key knows every one of our clients consulting needs is unique. We are here to help our clients navigate properly down an educational path and provide consulting services that best fits their individual needs.  Once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email which will include the Key Information Form that needs to be completed.  You will want to complete and send it back to us promptly. This will let our team of consultants know where you are on your educational path. We will compile a list of documents that you can send us through our secure portal and once we receive these documents we will be ready to get started and can schedule your initial consultation.  My Scholarship Key is here to help you navigate the college waters.