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Is your College Consulting Services worth the cost?  Absolutely, on average we save our students thousands of dollars more than the price of our consulting packages. Not to mention all of the time that they spend searching for answers to questions that often end with not finding the correct answers or any answer at all.

What is the difference in the consulting packages?  The consulting packages are designed to offer a savings as the hours increase the cost per hour decreases. Our Diamond Consulting Package offers the most help and the best savings.


I have purchased the Ruby Consulting package can I use the hours towards any of the consulting services that you offer?  Yes, we offer an a la cart approach which we find works best for our clients. No student is the same and their needs and wants are very different. This is why we allow our clients to customize their package that allows them to utilize the service that best fits their needs.


Which consulting package should I start with? This depends on you and where you are in the process.  Our larger packages are intended for students that are still in high school so there is more planning involved which means more hours needed to finish their high school career, start their college career and offer consulting all the way through to graduation. We suggest that the smaller hourly packages are used for students that are further along with their college planning. Of course, it is always up to you as to how much help you think you might need and we are always here to help answer all of your questions!!


Is there anything else that sets you apart from your competition? Yes! Lots. We are not a faceless website. You can Skype, email, call us and have a conversation about your concerns and get some advice. Your success is our success.

How many scholarship applications will I receive for the fee that I have paid?  My Scholarship Key has a comprehensive database which we are updating on a daily basis.  It's impossible to say ahead of time how many leads we will generate.  There are so many variables based on the student's accomplishments, where they live, their anticipated field of study, etc... That said we will do our utmost to give you all the leads we can.

Some of the websites I visited will do a search for free.  The fee you charge seems kind of expensive. Is it?  Actually our fee is quite reasonable. If you do your own scholarship search you will quickly realize how much time it takes.  We search for scholarships for you so you can spend your time by applying for the scholarships or other items on your college “to do” list.   If you get one scholarship award from our list you will easily cover the subscription fee and we think you’ll do much better than that.

Do you find that your customers are happy with the different informational guides that you sell?  My Scholarship Key started out as a scholarship subscription service.  Our customers over the years have asked so many questions that we knew there was a need to provide a guide with all of the answers.  We created our guides based off of the answers to our customers questions and have received nothing but positive reviews.

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