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College Transfer Consulting Services

My Scholarship Key realizes that the requirements when applying to college as a transfer student is different than applying as a high school senior.  The requirements differ in terms of standardized test scores, recommendations, deadlines, and essays and in many cases applying as a transfer student can be much more difficult to gain admission.

  1. Determining whether transferring is the best option to help the student reach their goals

  2. Refining the appropriate list of colleges, including reach, target, and likely, based on grades, reactions from the student's college visits and research, and the student's feedback from college admission officers.

  3. Determining where to apply and which schools would be a good fit for the students objectives

  4. Helping student to select the most appropriate college from those to which he/she has been accepted

  5. Creating a Standardized Test Preparation Strategy, if Necessary

  6. Advising on Letters of Recommendation

  7. Brainstorming, Outlining, and Editing the Common Application Essay

  8. Advising on School-Specific Supplemental Essays

  9. Reviewing and Perfecting the Common Application and/or School-Specific Applications

  10. Providing Guidance on The Numerous Forms of Documentation Required for Transfer Admissions

  11. Reviewing progress of the student's educational planning throughout the transfer admission process

  12. Preparation of college transfer applications, including discussion, review, and critique of essays and other materials that are required or that will help in the admissions process

  13. Preparing the student for college interviews

  14. Creating a Personalized Application Timeline

  15. Brainstorming, Outlining, and Editing Additional Materials 

  16. Providing Continuous Guidance on Client Questions

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