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College Guidance (Ongoing through college) Services

My Scholarship Key offers College Guidance Services to help navigate through the college years. This service is intended for students that are already admitted into college and are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. The college advisers are very overwhelmed and can only spend a very limited amount of time with each of their students.  This leaves the students lost and confused and will inevitably cause them a lot of unwanted stress.  It is also very important for students to have a well balanced course load which will allow the student the best chance in graduating on time. This will save the student thousands of dollars in tuition by not having to take classes in the summer or worse by needing to take an extra semester.  The following is a list of the College Consulting Services that we offer:


  1. Providing Academic Enrichment, Study Skills Development & Academic Monitoring

  2. Curricular guidance throughout the college years to help ensure a successful academic experience

  3. Periodic Review of the student's current and future courses in relation to his or her academic goals

  4. Identification of programs and future steps to be taken to guide and inform the student's educational progress

  5. General review on financial aid and outside scholarships 

  6. Developing and refining student's  resume and CV (Curriculum Vitae)

  7. Helping to Obtain Internships and Summer Opportunities

  8. Utilizing the course tracker and GPA calculator to ensure student graduates on time.  

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