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College Admission Consulting

My Scholarship Key knows how competitive college admissions has become over the years.  High school counselors throughout the country are overwhelmed and have a limited amount of time to spend with each student.  My Scholarship Key can give each of our clients the individualized attention they need to help guide them through this process.  The following is a list of the different consulting services that we offer:

 Campus Visits:

  1. Research appropriate colleges and develop a balanced list of colleges based on your student’s needs and desire

  2. Request application materials from schools to be sent to the student's home

  3. Plan for and prioritize college visits, including preparing for college interviews

  4. Conducting Mock Interviews

  5. Determining where to apply


Preparing for College Applications:

  1. Guiding students on the preparation of college applications, including discussion, review and critique of essays and other materials that are required or that will help in the admissions process.

  2. Work to develop an application strategy (Early Decision vs Early Action)  

  3. Brainstorming, Outlining, Editing and Perfecting the Common Application Essay

  4. Brainstorming, Outlining, and Editing College-Specific Supplemental Essays

  5. Brainstorming, Outlining, and Editing their personal statements

  6. Facilitate or improve teacher relationships, and ultimately select teachers for letters of recommendation

  7. Advising on Letters of Recommendation 

  8. Creating Standardized Test Preparation Strategy

  9. Creating a Personalized Application Timeline

  10. Keep your student on task to complete all components of the college application


Admissions and college major planning:

  1. Developing and Refining a Personalized College Admissions Strategy and Timeline

  2. Refining the appropriate list of colleges, including reach, target, and likely, based on feedback from the student's college visits and research, grades, and junior and senior year test results.

  3. Evaluate offers of admission as well as develop a strategy for wait list and deferral decisions

  4. Selecting the most appropriate college from among those to which student has been admitted

  5. Determining Appropriate College Major or Courses of Study

  6. Monitoring the student's progress on educational planning throughout the admissions process


In addition to:

  1. General review on financial aid and scholarship application process

  2. Preparing for the transition to college, and making initial college course choices

  3. Providing Continuous Guidance on Client Questions

  4. Brainstorming, Outlining, and Editing Additional Materials 


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